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As far as I'm concerned, it's the app of the year for allowing We The People to be in contact with our politicians in any meaningful way.

Best regards,

Henry P McIntosh IV

KwikLetter® makes it convenient and easy to mail letters to your US Congress Senators and Representatives, Party Leaders, The President, Vice President, Governor and State Legislators from your phone!

KwikLetter® values privacy.

There are no accounts to setup.

Once your letter has been printed and mailed, it is deleted from our system. Additionally, your name, address, signature and list of representatives are never provided or shared with anyone and are kept ONLY on your phone.


  • Using your address, automatically determines your US Senators, US Representative, Governor, State Senators, and State Representatives.
  • Tap or Talk to write, your choice.
  • Delivery addresses, return address, greeting salutation, closing salutation and your signature are stored on your phone and are automatically filled in and formatted properly for each letter.
  • Each letter you compose can be sent to any or all of your: US Senators, US Representative,The President, The Vice President, Speaker of the House, minority and majority leaders in both the US House and US Senate, and at the state level, your Governor, State Senators, Representative and Attorney General
  • Letters are printed using 20# paper with US First Class stamps placed on closed faced envelopes (we do not use window envelopes). Just as if you wrote it from home.
  • A history of sent letters are stored within your app, only on your device.
  • Pay easily with Apple Pay, Google Pay or any major credit card.
  • Write ANY member of the US Congress (not restricted to just your representatives)
  • Write any of the US Supreme Court Justices, former President Obama and/or former President Trump (found in the Timely Additions section)

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