Legislators Addresses

We are VERY proud of the US and State Legislators data we have gathered.

Our data team gets the data directly from the source.


  • For the United States Congress: The Clerk of the House and the United States Senate.
  • For State legislatures: Directly from each state legislature.


About Legislators contact addresses:


  • We gather legislative office addresses.
    • If there is a legislative address and and a home address, the legislative address is used unless it as absolutely clear the home address is to be used.
    • If the legislative address is to be used in session, but the home address is to be used out of session, only the legislative address is used, unless the legislature's normally is in session very few days during the year.
    • If there is not a legislative address listed, then the address listed (home or business) is used.
  • Representatives Pictures: A standard has been implemented such that only pictures from secure websites may be uploaded to the KwikLetter app. Approximately 15 state legislatures do not have secure sites. For those states we will provide pictures of the state seal or state flag.


We do not use third party data sources or outside vendors to gather our legislators addresses.   We do not "data mine" or programmatically “scrape” the data.  Instead, we gather this information ourselves.

We take the time to visually look at each representative before bringing in their data to make sure we have the correct information. Our data team learned each state legislative body is different and handles data differently.  It takes a lot time and care to gather the information correctly, but that is one of the key distinguishing characteristics of  KwikLetter®.

Our Data Team has observed some states do not yet have complete Legislative District GIS mapping in place. GIS mapping is used to associate addresses to districts. These states tend to have the most populous areas GIS mapped, but the remote areas are missing the GIS data.  Our representative data is in place for these areas,  once the GIS is completed, our systems will automatically function.


  • States we have noted with some areas missing GIS mapping data:  Alaska, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Texas

We work very hard gathering legislators information, however, we are human, we may make a mistake. If we do, please bring it to our attention at support@kwikletter.com  We will fix it quickly.

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