KwikLetter® values privacy

Your letter is just that, your letter. It is only between you and the representatives you write.


There are no accounts to setup.Your credit card payment is processed through Stripe, a credit card processor.KwikLetter does not see or collect your credit card information.If you choose to save your credit card information at the time of payment, it is saved with Stripe, not KwikLetter.Once your letter has been processed, printed and mailed,it is deleted from our system.Additionally, your name, address, signature and list of representatives are never provided or shared with anyone, other than those that receive your letters. Your name, address and signature, are stored only within the app on your phone.Letters you send are stored within the app only on your phone.


We would like to expand on the Apple Privacy Policy:The Apple Privacy Policy requires us to disclose if we collect your contact information to share with a third party.We do so, but not in the “typical way”.The third party we share with is the representative(s) that receive your letter, they see it on the printed letter and envelope.


See our full legal and privacy policy here.

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