Why Letters?

Screen Shot - Letter and Envelope

Letters WORK !

  • Emails disappear into servers, those servers send automated replies. By the way, Congress sends those automated replies via a Letter !
  • Letters are time honored way of corresponding with our representatives.
  • Studies show individually written letters are the most effective way to communicate with Congress.
  • Congressional staffers and state legislators often speak to how an individually written letter has much more weight than emails, form letters, faxes or texts.  The reason letters have more weight, because they are individualized and represent a little bit more time and effort in writing.
  • From the Maine State Legislature website: "Letters are extremely effective. Personal visits are also valuable."
  • From the Montana Legislature website: "A well-written letter is one of the best ways to let your legislature know your thoughts and opinions about a particular issue."
  • Letters have optics. They arrive in an office. They have physical presence, they can be felt and seen.
  • KwikLetter®  is NOT a bot, and it is not “Bot-able”.  Bot’s are often used to send emails, faxes and texts. The Bot's are run by just a few people trying to make it appear they are actually thousands and thousands of people sending  communications.  Sending a letter is not “bot-able”. Someone cannot replicate your letter, name and address in order to send thousands of duplicate letters.

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